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Frequently Asked Questions

To make sure everything is taken care of for your upcoming session, and to make the whole experience as fun and stress-free as possible, I’ve answered the most commonly asked questions that come my way below.


Cake Smash 


General Questions

How much time in advance to book my session?

Time and date is very important when you are booking your session. I suggest booking your appointment at least 10 days after your due date. This sessions should be made while baby is 7-20 days born. Why? This is because the baby would be sleeping and easier to pose.

If you have already done the booking and your due date changes, please contact me I'll be happy to change the day. 

My baby is already born, am I too late to schedule a Newborn Session?

You are always welcome to check availabilities through booking. If nothing is available you can email me and I will put you in the waiting list for the next appointment that cancels.

How long does the session take?

Session can take 2-3 hours. However some babies make it easier and we can finish up to 1 hour.

What happens if my baby is upset during session?

Since the baby will be in different kinds of poses and in a different location its normal for them to cry. Usually in these occasions I would pose the baby swaddle for the rest of the session. 

How many sets up are included?

There are 3 sets ups included.  The posing pillow set up is already included and the other two would be  with previous consultations. You can check my website or social media to see all the sets available.

Are outfits available?

Yes! I have a wardrobe with different kinds of outfits for theme you choose to go with. I also supply with different kinds of  headbands, hats, and wraps. You can always bring your own if you wish.

Are family pictures available?

Family pictures are included but only with parents and siblings. After the family pictures are done the kids may go with a parent to a close by park or for a walk. Unfortunately my studio is not big enough for them to stay for too long.

What happens if my baby has newborn acne before his session?

Don't worry this is totally normal for newborns. I usually do a retouch and there skin looks marvelous on the photos. If you have concerns about the baby's skin you can always contact me in advance and we'll discuss about it..

When should I schedule a cake smash?

.  I suggest booking your appointment at least 3-4 weeks prior to the child birthday.

Do I need to bring a cake?

Yes,  I do not provide the cake so you'll need to bring your own. Knowing your child this can be a great way to bring exactly what you'll like your child to eat. Cake stands and toppers are included! 

What to expect during the cake-smash? 

The baby will eat, play, get dirty, and may even cry. This is a first time experience for the baby since they have never tried cake or even sugar. If your baby is not familiar with cake I suggest to prepare your baby at least a week before the session. Remember that all babies are different so they'll have their own reaction towards it which makes the experience of capturing it funner!

What if my child has allergies?

There are plenty of alternatives! There are bakeries that add the ingredients you wish on the cake. During bath time I use Baby Johnson bubbles. If you wish you can bring your own if your child has any kind of allergies towards the bubbles.

Do you also take non-smash photos?

Yes of course. However,  I have a couple of fake cakes. You can bring your own whip cream to make it seem real. Getting creative can be a great way for this occasion. 

How long does a cake-smash take?

This session can round up 45 minutes to an hour. 

How many sets ups are there?

It's just 1 set up for cake smash session. It starts with a solo smiling pictures, cake smash, and last one are on the bath tub.

Will I get to choose my theme?

Yes! I have more than 50 themes to chose from in my website. Customs themes have an extra price. For any kinds of themes please let me know in advance. 

Still wondering what theme to choose?

You can always choose the same theme as their birthday party. Something a little different can be choosing it based in  your baby’s favorite book, or character from any movie or tv show. You can also consider the babies room theme as well.

Can I incorporate family photos?

Yes, this would come with an extra charge of $200 for five family photos. This not a full family photo session, it's just an extra with a simple white background. If you would like a whole session of just family pictures you'll need to contact me for an inquiry.  Please let me know in advance to have it set up.

I have twins, can they both be included at the same session?

Yes, of course! There is an extra of $100. It would double the fun!!!

Are outfits available?

Yes, I have tons of different outfits that are available! If you wish you can always bring your own. 

When Should I do my booking?

I suggest to plan your photoshoot for when you're 29- 32 weeks. 

How many sets up are there?

There are 3 sets up. These sets up include a grey ,white, and lifestyle background.

Is it indoor or outdoor sessions?

The sessions are done in my home-studio located in Kissimmee Fl.

Can family members be included in the photos? 

Pictures are mainly focused on the mom,  but Yes!!! Some family (husband and children)  photos can be taken. 

Is makeup and hair included?

No, I do not include makeup and hair but I know people who are best at this! If feelings a little lost please contact me I'll be happy you to send you to the best places I know.

Are dresses available?

Yes! I have different types of dresses you can try on. For any ideas you can look at my website or media. If you wish to bring your own you're always welcome too.

How and when will I get my photos?

The galleries are emailed digitally. I will send non-edited photos in 7 days with watermark for you to choose them. The photos that you decide on will be sent edited in 7 days after you chose them. However, some galleries will might take longer. I do not offer images on day to another at any service.

Will I only receive my unedited photos or just the images included in the package?

You'll receive all of your photos with watermark and from there you'll chose your images included in your package. Every extra image would be $30. The entire edit gallery will have a special price depending on how many photos are in the gallery.

After I select my pictures included in the package, can I download the rest unedited?

No,  I do not deliver the final package unedited by any reason. Once you have selected your final photos they'll be edited.

May I incorporate special props?

Of course! Anything you wish to add on whether it's meaningful for you

or just for fun.

What are your Payment Methods? 

I have all kinds of payment methods such as; Zelle, PayPal, CashApp, credit/debit card, and cash.

What is the best way to contact you?

I answer best through my email at 

My available hours are Monday-Saturday at  10am-5pm.

Do you retouch my images?

I do not modify faces or change color of outfits at any cost.. I only do basic retouch, but If you wish for something specific please contact me for consultation.

Do you deliver prints?

No, I do not deliver prints I only do digital galleries.  

Are pets allowed in the studio?

I love pets too, but unfortunately they are not allowed. I receive babies with different kinds of allergies all the time and it would be best to keep the studio as clean as possible.

What are your protocols towards Covid?

There will be sometime between sessions to clean and sanitize everything. My assistant and I are fully vaccinated. We  will be wearing a mask for the entire session as well as using hand sanitizer. My studio has an air purifier equipment on to clean the air all the time. I ask my clients to please use their mask during the entire session until pictures will be taken of them. I also ask my clients before going inside the studio to take off their shoes off in the entry. 

Can I incorporate family photos?

Yes, this would come with an extra charge of $200 for five family photos. This not a full family photo session, it's just an extra with a simple white background. If you would like a whole session of just family pictures you'll need to contact me for an inquiry.  Please let me know in advance to have it set up.

Do I have to pay a retainer for my session?

Yes, you'll have to pay 50% through my website when doing your booking. Which is required to book and hold the date for your session and serves as a cancellation fee.  However, the fee can be credited towards a future session upon the photographers approval. All remaining balances are due at the time of the session. Please always let me know in advance to plan accordingly.

How do I pay my Milestone Session?

This package has to be paid in two installments, one is due at the time of booking and the second payment is done in the six months photoshoot.

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